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All readings and yoga sessions are available via Zoom or in person.

Yoga sessions whether private or group can be fulfilling, moving stuck energy and mind blockages.  Experience a one of a kind personal yoga session.

Sessions include: Yin Yoga, Flow and guided meditation.

              Private 90 minute session - $100

              Private 75 minute session -   $85

              Private 60 minute session -  $70

              Private 30 minute session -   $40

     Group rates at your location: *6 participants $15 per person

                                                           7 participants and up $10 per person

                                                          *(Minimum fee of $75 for groups of less than 6)

Please email me at to book Yoga sessions.

   *Private sessions are available in person or on Zoom.

Tarot Readings and Parties

Using the Celtic Cross method of tarot spreads this reading provides the most information.  This reading reviews the past few months and provides information out into the next 12 months.

Revealing so much information, allowing you to focus your energy where it is most needed and gives insight to upcoming events in one's life. 

Fair energy exchange is $50 per person.

(Group parties are $35/30min. Maximum of 6 participants).

"Christine has been my spiritual advisor for several years now... I remember my first tarot reading with her. It was the first one I had ever had and it was intense. I have had many since that first one and her intuition and advice is always spot on. Some of my favorite readings are the birthday readings they have helped give me a guideline for the whole year. These have been the best readings to help guide me through many experiences. I love the fact that although Christine is a close friend to me she is able to give me an objective reading from the heart whether I like what she has to say or not. I highly recommend that anyone looking for some guidance and clarity in their life see Christine for a reading, you won’t be disappointed".

D.B. from MA

Birthday Readings

This is a 13 card spread encompasing all you need to know in the upcoming year.  Where you shoud focus your energy each month and any obstacles that might arise. This will allow you to make choices and decisions based on when the influence is best in order to obtain the most desirable outcome. 

Fair energy change is $50 per person.

Mediumship Readings

This is a reading in which contact is made with the spirit world.  Messages are brought forth through a mediumship deck allowing input from those who have crossed over. 

Fair energy exchange is $50.

Angel Readings

Messages from these divine beings is gently delivered with love and compassion. You will also learn how to tap in directly to your guardian angels and Archangels.

Fair energy exchange is $50

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Reiki Healing, Energy Work and Meditation

During Reiki treatments many different obstacles may be addressed.  Chakra alignment, energy blocks, health problems are just some of the issues that can be effected through Reiki treatment.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to use for anxiety, inability to focus or set intentions.  Through guided meditation you will be able to see obstacles preventing you from progressing.  It will help you to eliminate bad habits, and focus your energy in the proper places.

Fair energy exchange is $55 for 30 minutes - $99 for 60 minutes.

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