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Moon Phase

Here you will find the phase of the moon.  This will help you understand the effects of each phase in order to help you make choices and decisions for the best outcome in any situation.

Full Moon

During the Full Moon it is best to concentrate your energy on that which you wish to bring forth or bring to fruition. This phase is when things come to us to the "fullest".  Just after the Full Moon is a good time to start a diet or make other changes in your life, or that which you wish to minimize or go away. 

Waning Moon

During the time of the waning moon it is best to concentrate your efforts on that which you wish to"decrease", "diminish" or "go away" in your life. When the moon is waning it is going away or becoming smaller, that is the effect it has on your desires, goals or obstacles in your life.

New Moon 

Just prior to the New Moon, also known as the "Black of the Moon", is the end of the waning cycle. This is the middle of the cycle where the moon is coming out of the waning phase and going into the waxing phase. It is a good time to concentrate on your priorities and get things in order. This is a time to prepare to take action.

Waxing Moon

In the Waxing phase, the moon is growing from the black of the moon or New Moon and becoming Full.  This is the best time to focus your intentions on that which you wish to bring into manifestation​ or what you wish to bring forth or grow in your life. 


The effects that each phase of the moon has is felt 3 days prior and 3 days following the peak of each cycle. Therefore these are the best days to initiate changes, do spellwork and set your intentions.

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